Ride Sharee

Photo by: Matt Castiglione

Photo by: Matt Castiglione

By: Ms. Flamingo


FULL DISCLOSURE; I love the marketing for Sharee Bikes. According to the marketing company, the slogan “Ride Sharee” was a pun, play on character. Ride Share + E (commerce) = Ride Sharee. Guilty! I was totally thinking “Pay for Sharee, ride Sharee then leave Sharee outside,” because that’s right girl! These dockless bikes can be left in designated parking in your neighborhood.

It gets sexier; the GPS data from these bikes can help urban developers have real data when designing our streets. Real data + better planning = less traffic.

I mean come on! Riding a bike should be simple right? Good riding habits + good transportation planning + less traffic = Happy Hawaii. RAINBOW STATE if you know what I mean ;)