Say No to Plastic

By: Analiese Arle

Plastic Pollution:

Plastic is everywhere. We don’t realize how reliant our species has become on it because of its disposability. You pay for it, use it once, then throw it away and forget about it forever. But where does it go? Landfills and our ocean. When does it dissapear? Never.

Comic by: Ron Lang of underdone comics

Comic by: Ron Lang of underdone comics

Every piece of plastic that’s ever been made is still here on Earth. It breaks up but does not break down. Think about it—every diaper, toothbrush, water bottle, pen, plastic bag, cosmetic case, ANYTHING that you, your parents, your grandparents, or your great-grandparents have used is still taking up space and damaging our planets gentle ecosystem. We have irrevocably polluted our land and oceans, and action needs to be taken now to change our ways together as a species.

Photo by:  Bas Emmen

Photo by: Bas Emmen

It’s all about supply and demand. Demand alternative resources and it will happen. We control what businesses sell and if everyone says no to single use plastics and yes to reusable and sustainable products then they have no choice but to follow. Evolve. Do not be afraid to change. We have 10 years to clean up our act lets do it together.