Meditation Playlists During the Holidays

By: Lacy Lyons

I understand that the holiday season is meant to be a festive time. But the reality of additional traffic, a busy social calendar, gift shopping and limited work hours can get overwhelming. In addition to the holiday pressures of society, I also have two children that don’t have school for three weeks. Keeping them fed, entertained and myself sane is always an interesting balancing act. Meditation has always been a way to ground myself, but it’s also an opportunity to just “be”. I’ve put together a list of my favorite guided meditations for different moments. Please remember there are a few rules to meditation - be in a safe place (not driving, etc.), be aware of the time involved and breathe!

1. Waking Up:

2. Mid-Day Reminder:

3. 5-Minute Break:

4. Nearing a Panic Attack:

5. Going to Bed:

Lacy Lyons