5 Best Smoothies on O’ahu

By: Analiese Arle


Before we get into the blended details of this post, please note that these smoothies met three standards.

1. They are served in compostable or zero plastic.

2. They are delicious.

3. They are vegan.

For all you plastic free friends still here, let’s get to it!

1. Down to Earth: Kreamy Kale

This dreamy, creamy smoothie has Kale, Sprouted Almonds, Purified Water, Bananas, Flax seed, Almond Butter, and Agave to satisfy your sweet tooth and gain some serious plant powered protein. If you hate kale, the sweetness of the almond butter overpowers the vegetable, so you taste none of it while still receiving all of its benefits, such as fiber, vitamins A, B, C and K, floate, omega 3, alpha linolenic acid, and lutein and zeaxanthin nutrients--just to name a few… check them out on instagram @downtoearthhi

2. Island Brew Cafe: Banana Matcha

Three ingredients: matcha powder, frozen bananas, and vanilla almond milk. So simple, so delicious, and so good for you. Flood your system with potassium, fiber, and caffeine for a banana nice-cream you can have for breakfast that will keep you full and energized till lunch. Check them out on instagram @islandbrewkaimuki

3. Leahi Health: Breakfast Smoothie

Leahi health has a multitude of healthy smoothie options (18 listed on the menu) that are made from fresh, local ingredients. My favorite is the breakfast smoothie. It’s an acai bowl you can suck through a (reusable) straw! Made from kombucha, almond milk, papaya, banana, granola, honey*, and goji berries. All their smoothies are to die for, and if you bring your own cup you receive a $1 off! Save the environment and properly fuel your body? Score!

Check them out on Taco Tuesday when you can get any green smoothie + two vegan tacos for $12.

*Veganize it by substituting honey with agave   

You can find them instagram @leahihealth

4. Umeke Market: The “Mama T”

Mama, you’ve done it again! The “Mama” smoothie is made up of banana, kale, mixed berries, dates, vegan protein powder, spirulina, almond butter, and a splash of almond milk. All I can say is “YUM!” This is the mama of all smoothies. She’s sweet and takes care of you from the inside out by providing natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals that help you power through the day. See their other great menu options at @umekemarket

5. Well + Proper: Green Smoothie #9

Well + Proper is easily one of my favorite shops. Its raw, organic, gluten-free, eco-conscious, and vegan--everything an Earth loving, hippie-heart desires in a shop! Green smoothie number 9 is their most popular smoothie, and with its oh so refreshing taste it’s easy to see why. Made with kale, spinach, celery, apple banana, lemon, and ginger. I added some tocos (a.k.a the ultimate skin food) for radiance, and he shou wu mushroom for rejuvenation. This is chalk full of vitamins and minerals your body craves for a healthy body from the inside out. Check the out on instagram @well_n_proper