I went to Core Power everyday for a week straight. Here’s what happened.

By: Analiese Arle

I went to Core Power everyday for a week straight. Here’s what happened:

Loud, heart thumping EDM music, zero personal space, and excessive sweating. No, I’m not describing a concert, I’m talking about Core Power Yoga. Burpees, downward dogs, mountain climbers, oh my! If you’re looking for a place that provides an hour of nonstop sweat to reach your #GainGoals, then Core Power may fit your needs. I could feel and see a difference in my body in just TWO sessions--even my friend mentioned my baby abs were making their debut.

Beware: This place is pretty popular, so the classes are PACKED, even the early Monday morning class has you within inches of another yogi. Come early to ensure a spot.

Here are some of my daily thoughts:


My alarm goes off without me hearing it. Typical. I randomly wake up at 7:33am. Class starts at 8:15. Crap. I get up, quickly dress, and fight morning traffic to make it on time.

8:16am I walk in, squeeze my way into a space to start the hour of Yoga Sculpt with Giovanni. It’s early, it’s crowded, I’m tired, but I grab my 3 pound weights and get to it. This is not a traditional yoga class--it’s a fusion of yoga, HIIT, and weight training. From what I gathered, you do not need to be flexible, nor have an intensive background knowledge in yoga and everyone goes at their own pace.

In the midst of Warrior 2 + arm circles with weights I thought, “Hmm, this is too easy maybe I should have grabbed heavier weights.” And then came the pulsing.

Me: “FU**. Three pounds is enough.”

I walked out of the class immediately sore, but feeling extremely awake and ready for the day ahead. Let’s see what Tuesday brings us.


I’m sore, but not in agony. The only class that fits into my schedule between my three jobs is yoga sculpt. Marissa was an excellent instructor and got me moving. It was the same class outline as yesterday, nonetheless, it kicked my butt the entire time.  

I will say that out of the two instructors for Yoga Sculpt, Giovanni brought a more intense and upbeat energy that had me working out harder than today.


Does every fiber of your being ever randomly flare up with the case of “motivation?” You think to yourself that you’re going to be productive by waking up early, getting a workout in and then become the most prolific human being of all time. But the reality is you sleep through your alarm and proceed to zombie out the whole day. That was today.

I ended up making the last class of the day which was Yoga Sculpt. I can feel a difference in my arms and core. Weights, squats, burpees, crescent lunges, warrior 2’s, and chair pose are a few of the heart pounding moves this class is based around. Oh, and planks. Lots and lots of plank variations in class, which was instructed by Eric.

I convinced my friend to take the class with me and his only remark was: “I went in the ocean today, but this is the most wet I’ve been all day.” Detox, bro.


I was up at 4:30am today and the struggle is real. Trying to place fitness into a crazy schedule, but it works in the end because it’s helped me choose health as a top priority.

Nearly twelve hours of being awake, I stepped into the 5:00pm Hot Power Fusion with Mish. This was the sweatiest class I’ve been to yet. Designed to focus on balance, which starts from core strength. Standing postures to an abundance of boat pose variations my core was pure fire. The instructor created a safe, quiet space for each of us in the 110°F room to be in our own bodies. Thank you.


Finally made it to CorePower Yoga 2! For this class you do need to have an understanding and daily practice of yoga in currently in place as the instructor guides you into more advanced poses. It’s focus is on balance and combining breath to movement, which is no easy feat when sweat is cascading into your eyes. These are the less crowded classes compared to yoga sculpt, which is nice to have the space available for the arm balances and inversions we practiced.

The conclusion...

You twist, sweat, stretch, lift, and move your body to new limits--especially your core--it’s fantastic! Each instructor brings their own personal flare and style to the class, making it  a new experience. If you’re looking for an intense power workout then try Yoga Sculpt. If you want to continue practicing your Vinyasa and getting deeper into poses then try either CorePower Yoga 1, 2, or 3 classes. If you want an all around intense stretch and sweat then go to Hot Power Fusion, and watch yourself melt away. In any scenario, you walk out of class feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the rest of your day.