ASICS in International Marketplace, Waikiki

Written By: Lacy Lyons

Photos By: Shawn Pila


When ASICS announced their first location in Hawaii, I was curious to know how they'd thrive. In the past years, we've seen many Foot Lockers and sports wear companies reduce their presence in Hawaii. What I didn't realize, was that this internationally recognized brand had the quality, research and design to back up their marketing. 

I've never been a "runner". Running is NOT my thing. And although I've seen running create lean people, I have never sought out running. I'd prefer a long leisurely walk on the beach or perhaps a strenuous hike that offers breath-taking views. 

To understand the products better,I picked up a few items like their GT trail shoe, some of their activewear and their light weight jackets. the goal, to test them in our island weather. 

1. Comfortable

Because of the in-store experience where each design was explained, I understood the structure, gel and purpose of each shoe. I chose the GT trail shoe, which fit my feet well. Although this may vary per person; my petite feet which are slightly wider from many years of running around barefoot or with Locals Hawaiian slippers, felt very comfortable in the design.

2. Traction 

The slight grip of the cleats are good for dry land trails, however they didn't grip too well on slippery waterfall rocks or muddy trails. Wa'ahila Ridge Trail on Oahu is an example of a functioning trail. 


3. Material

I noticed that after tromping through waterfalls, that the material dried quickly and upheld its structure. This is important because I am hard on my shoes.

4. Light Weight

I really liked the light weight running jacket, which I found helpful in our humid weather. It wasn't too thick and warm, but was light enough to wrap around my waist or throw into my North Face hiking bag.

5. Support

For me, a good supporting sports bra is key in any sports activity. I feel like there is nothing more uncomfortable than a bra that is too tight, with wire or that leaves me feeling exposed. 

Asics, International Marketplace Waikiki

2330 Kalakaua Ave Suite 173, Honolulu, HI 96815

Open daily from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.